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Discount Tire Warehouse - Tips For Finding A Good Tire Warehouse


When your car needs new tires, the most economical place to look for them is at a discount tire warehouse. These are spread throughout the United States, and they are also accessible on the internet. The key to finding a good deal, especially when it comes to tires, is doing some background research before you make your final purchasing decision. First, you should find out where to start your search. Then, you need to know some trustworthy places to look for tires.  And lastly, there are some precautions you need to take to ensure you get a quality product and a good deal.

Starting the search

The first thing you need to know when looking for a discount tire warehouse is where you should look. There are three main sources that can provide excellent information for you: your friends, websites, and the people in the store. The most important of these three is the group of people you know personally.

Friends, family, coworkers, and the like can all be great sources of information about local and national warehouses. Ask friends if they know of any good local tire places. If they do not know directly, it is likely that they will know someone who does know that information. The best thing about asking people you already know is that they will be honest with you. They will not try to gloss over the facts, and they will let you know both the good and bad points of the local tire warehouse.

Next, you can search online. Places like Angie's list allow regular consumers to post reviews and comments about local services and retailers, so you can get an account from someone like you who has actually had experience with the warehouse.

If the warehouse you are considering has a website, you can also search there. This will typically be a little more biased than a place like Angie's list, but you will still be able to read some customer reviews. In addition, you can tell a lot about a business from their website. If the site is informative and easy to use, you will find that the store is often staffed with people who are knowledgeable and approachable. On the other hand, if you find the website to be not very user-friendly, you should take caution if going to the store, because you will probably encounter a staff who does not have a passion for their trade.

Once you have narrowed your search down to several warehouses you would like to visit, the best way to get information is to visit those places. You can tell a lot just by walking into an establishment. If there is a larger staff, you can expect to be greeted upon entering the store, and you should find the staff easy to talk to and knowledgeable about their products. With a fledgling economy, it is difficult for places to maintain a large staff, so do not be surprised if there are only a few people working. Be sure to give yourself time to wait and talk to a person while you are at the store. If it takes a while for them to get to you, remember that you will soon be receiving the same one-on-one service as the person before you. If you can establish a rapport with the people who work at the discount tire warehouse, you are more likely to get a fair deal.

Tire warehouses

Once you have done a little background research, you will probably be equipped with several names of places to look. The following list can help you expand your search, giving you some additional trustworthy warehouses to include in your search.

  • Discount Tire Company. This warehouse has an extensive website where you can search for tires by car make and model or by tire size. There is also a store locator to help you find a location near you.
  • Meadow Creek Tire. With locations concentrated in the west, this company specializes in Nokian tires.
  • MK Discount Tire Center. MK has several locations in New York that provide quality tires at discount prices.
  • Tire Warehouse. This retailer has hundreds of locations, mostly in the northeast. There are a wide variety of brands available from this well-stocked warehouse chain.
  • Other local warehouses. Look in your local telephone book under “tires” or “auto parts and services” to find the names of local places. Sometimes, there are places right around the corner you never thought to look. For example, in Wilson, North Carolina, there is a local warehouse that gets great reviews from its customers. It is simply called Discount Tire Warehouse. There are many local warehouses across the country.


As with every shopping experience, there are several things you want to ask yourself when searching for and selecting a discount tire warehouse.

1. What kind of reviews has the warehouse gotten? Just because a place has one bad review does not necessarily mean it is a bad place. However, a place with only negative reviews is probably one you want to avoid.

2. Does the warehouse have a website or something comparable (like a Facebook or MySpace page)? These days, almost every business is on the internet in some form or fashion. If the warehouse is accessible on the internet, that gives you more information about the store, and it lets you know that the company is keeping up with the times.

3. What are the store's warranty and return policies? A store with an extremely strict return policy or an extremely limited warranty tells you that the company is not confident in its product. These policies also do not allow you the freedom to make sure the product is of the quality you expected.

4. Is the staff friendly? If the people who work in the warehouse do not make you feel comfortable, by all means, do not shop there! Trust your instincts.

5. Does the store sell name brand tires? Even though you do not have to rely solely on brand names, if the store does carry brand names, you do have some sort of guarantee. Typically, a brand name product will come with a limited warranty from its company. That will at least give you a little backing in your purchase.

6. How long has the store been in business? Just because a store is brand new certainly does not mean it is a bad one. However, you need to be careful with new stores, as they are volatile. A place that has been around and is established in the community is more likely to be around when you need them again than a store that may have just opened.

7. Does the warehouse focus solely on tires, or are their sights spread thin over many different products? A warehouse that only deals in tires will have a better selection, and the people that work there will know more about tires. However, a warehouse that has many different types of products will not have as much space for variety in their products.

If you do proper research and you feel confident in your findings, you will be happy with the discount tire warehouse you choose. It is important that you ask around to find out which warehouses your friends and family have used. You should also be willing to search both in stores and online. You should feel comfortable with the staff and the store. After you do this initial looking around, it is time to look into the specific warehouses a little further. Deeper examination will help you discover things like prices, brands available at the warehouse, and reliability of the products. Finally, you want to keep yourself aware of the questions and tips mentioned. Caution and research will pay off in the end, as all of these things will help you select the perfect discount tire warehouse.